Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Recap: LV

We had a bunch of exclusive, aloha and iKandy stickers made to blast all over the trade shows. Did you get up on our sticker wall?

next to the Stussy booth.

The HUNDREDS is HUGE! Shouts to David from Hawaii!

Killer tights & nice blazers!

our new extened ohana CTRL. They got us chicks covered!

Checked out the FRUITION Shop, dope collection of vintage cut and sew.

So everyone says how can you go to Vegas and not party, there was only one exception, the Lovemade/Missbehave Streetwear Party. How can we say no to Hawaii folks hella representing. We kicked it with the Digs Lifestyle aka Fits for Kings aka Mikada family. Ladies, you heard it first here, the Mikada line (DL new girls line) is hella fresh. The best part is that it's designed by Ladies, big ups to Amy and Caroline!

Mikada Ladies!

Lacy Urban Pacific!

Digs Lifestyle Ohana!

Exclusive x Mikada Ohana!

Chris from Digs! Shakas Bra!

Hawaii hella representing in LV!

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