Friday, April 4, 2008

Susies Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sues!! How did we become best friends? Thanks to one mean 4th grade teacher I didn't want to have, I was lucky enough to be my own decision maker at the age of nine. Told my parents I'm going to a different school this year, Momilani Elementary. That's where I met my two of the four best friends, who were best friends since they were born, Melanie & Susie! The rest is history, we've know each other for over 13 years! To the birthday girl Susie, who keeps it real and shows us the true meaning of Beauty, Determination, and INDEPENDENCE!! We LOVE you! xoxo
2008: Melanie, Susie, & Susan

2007: Susie, Baby Shaun, Melanie

2006: Susie, Susan & Melanie

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