Thursday, June 12, 2008

Aloha!! Just wanted to share a lil' something I received in the mail today, our first Exclusive-Fan letter! One of the main reasons why I love doing what I do, to inspire the keikis, teach them well. The little drawings she did on the envelope and letter are so cute, her attention to detail is definitely there. Big Shouts to April R. from Kapolei Middle School. Thanks for making my day!! xoxo

Her letter reads:

Dear Exclusive Company,

I want to thank you for selling appreciated customers quality clothing. Exclusive's clothing are well quality to me. I love shopping at Exclusive. I think Exclusive is the best.

My name is April R. I am a sixth grader attending Kapolei Middle School. I am twelve years old. I have some Exclusive clothing's. I have one iKandy tank top, four iKandy t-shirts, and one Nikita jacket. Exclusive is my favorite place to shop, even though it's far from where I live Kapolei.

I enjoyed writing you this letter. I hope to get a letter back from your great Exclusive Company.

Your friend,
April R.


christa said...

april's got some wicked styles!!

ps: i've gotten sooo many comments on my kickass necklaces and shades woman!

Annie B. said...

That is freakin' precious! How amazing did you feel that you are inspiring someone! I see a possible intern in like 6 years! LOL! muah!