Tuesday, August 5, 2008

new: DJ Jo_iLL MixCds

"Allergic to Wack" is a reaction to the music industry shoveling shitty , mind-numbing, unprovocative music in our heads through the airwaves. Let's be honest...people are easily influenced. You feed them crap all day, and tell them it's good for them, eventually they will believe it. Of course you may think this music is wack, that's all subjective. I'm no teacher, but I'm at least trying to do my part to try to open some eyes. - DJ Jo_iLL
1. Intro / DJ Rylo - 'Killer Kazoo Rock'
2. Other Worlds - 'The Time Machine'
3. Flying Lotus - '1983'
4. Beck - 'Jackass Beat' (feat. DJ Jo-Ill)
5. Ghislain Portier - 'Embargo Riddim' / 'Hamado'
6. DJ Krush - 'Shinjiro (Harsh Mix)' (feat. DJ Krush)
7. Danny Breaks - 'Duck Rock'
8. Danny Breaks - 'Duck Rock (Zoostrumental)'
9. Danny Breaks - 'The Jelly Fish'
10. Danny Breaks - 'The Octopus'
11. Danny Breaks - 'Hand Exercise #2'
12. Dr. Who Dat? - 'Beat Rock'
13. Edan - 'Rap Perfection'
14. Black Milk - 'Sound The Alarm'
15. Kenny Dope - 'That Gangsta Shit'
16. Flying Lotus - 'Shifty'
17. J Rocc - 'Dirty Fingered B-Boy Edit'
18. Oh No - 'Move (Remix)' (feat. J Dilla)
19. J Dilla - 'E=MC2'
20. Exile - 'Dirty Robots' (feat. DJ Jo-Ill)
21. Dabrye - 'Get It Together'
22. Percee P - 'Throwback Rap'
23. Mos Def - 'Mana Mathematics (Snafu 76 Mix)
24. Pilooski - 'Can't There Be Love (Double Dub Edit)'
25. Ghostface Killah - 'Daytona 500 (Jo-Ill Blend) (feat. Raekwon)
26. Cut Chemist - 'Storm' (feat. Edan / Mr. Lif)
27. Omid - 'Words From My Mouth' (feat. Ellay Khule)
28. Daedelus - 'Lights Out'
29. Grimey Beat Quickmix

This is a party mix (if it were a party I DJ'd), of music I would like to dance to. It's dedicated to all B-Boys and B-Girls, all type of dancers...who dance live and from the soul. Whether it be a cypher, a party, or a routine...this is music that will make you feel good, and make you get up and "cutta' rug". Get it?? I know mad cheesey...but hey, it works. Thank you to DJ Norm Rocwell for the clever name. I did want to call it 'Real B-Boys Dance With Girls.' But I was thinking some folks may get a little butt-hurt. What ever happened to parties where we all danced to GOOD MUSIC!?!? Enjoy!!' - DJ Jo_iLL
1. Intro
2. Small World - 'I Believe'
3. Amerie - 'Love Is Off The Chain'
4. Gang Starr - 'DWYCK (Little Kids 'Golden Isle Mix')'
5. Ohmega Watts - 'That Sound Inst. (Quantic Soul Orchestra Remix)' (feat. Jo_iLL on the cut)
6. Aretha Franklin - 'Rock Steady'
7. Natural Self - 'I Don't Need This Trouble'
8. Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (Z-Trip Remix)'
9. Earth, Wind, & Fire - 'Brazilian Rhyme'
10. The 45 King - 'Beat Box'
11. Faith Evans - 'Lucky Day'
12. Build An Ark - 'You've Gotta Have Freedom (J. Rocc Remix)
13. Kenny Keys - 'Get Down'
14. Tower Of Power - 'Drop It In The Slot'
15. Banbarra - 'Shack Up (Touches Bonus Chops)'
16. Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra - 'Che Che Cole (Makossa)'
17. Tangoterje - 'I Can't Help It'
18. 7 Samurai - 'Save Deir Soulz'
19. J Dilla - 'Rico Suave Bossa Nova'
20. Quantic - 'Mishaps Happening'
21. The Rebirth - 'Evil Vibrations'
22. James Brown - 'Give It Up Or Turn It Loose (Remix)'
23. Sound Directions - 'The Horse'
24. The Bees - 'Chicken Payback (Madlib's Soul Distortion Vocal Remix)'
25. AYB Force - 'Breaking Point (Once I Loved Mix)'
26. Tom Browne - 'Funkin' For Jamaica'
27. Slave - 'Watching You (Vikter Duplaix Remix)'
28. Central Line - 'Walking Into Sunshine'
29. Taana Gardner - 'Heartbeat'
30. De La Soul - 'Buddy (Remix)'
31. T-Ski Valley - 'Catch The Beat'
32. Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings - 'How Long Do I Have To Wait For You?'
33. J.C. Davis - 'Shelly' (feat. Al Curry)