Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Writer and artist OHANA (EV) stopped by the shop today, ninja styles! If your interested in any of theses pieces they will be up in the shop for sale from today until May 8th. If you're interested and don't live on Oahu, we do pay-pal and ship worldwide. Contact us at : Support Hawaii's underground artist!

(ABOVE: OHANA, 3 Trees $180)

(ABOVE: OHANA, Tree $180)

(ABOVE: OHANA, Bonsai $210)

(ABOVE: OHANA, Tortoise $210)

(ABOVE: OHANA, Rasta Koi Fish $160)

(ABOVE: OHANA, Square Koi $180 )

(ABOVE: OHANA, Koi I $200)

(ABOVE: OHANA, Tall Koi $180)

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